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By ANNIE LORAINE atJuly 24, 2016 -- 0 COMMENTS

What you will find on AuthorsTrack is a large collection of authors' tour dates, venues and other information about any authors currently on tour. We provide fans with the time, location, and directions to all listed events. We also took it a step further by providing you with special notes about how you can obtain a signed book from these book signings, by listing ticket fees for the event if necessary, and by listing rules and regulations so that you can prepare yourself when attending these forums. Furthermore, Author Track visitors can also browse our growing collection of author photos (video coming soon) taken on location at our listed events. While still in its Beta format, we will be adding new and exciting features, making AuthorsTrack your primary source for author events. If you have any suggestions we would love to hear from you, simply contact our editor at EDITOR@AUTHORSTRACK.COM. We hope you enjoy AuthorsTrack.

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